About Me

I write lots of different things. Fantasy, science fiction, mystery, historical stuff, and even westerns. Yet it could be said I write the same thing, as everything I write seems to be about the characters. Not just the stuff they do to move the plot along, but how they feel and what they learn along the way. And I write about relationships. Not just romantic ones (I do write about those too), but about friendships, and the relationship of parent to child. On top of all that, another unifying factor between my stories, regardless of genre, is a little noir seems to work its way in there somehow.

I come from the Northeast, I currently live in the Southeast, and my heart as long been in the Northwest. Though I do tend to visit Middle Earth more than I probably should. And Pellucidar. And Barsoom. And Hogwarts. And Spenser’s Boston. I could get more work done if I could just away from those places. I practice Tai Chi and Chi Gong and Kobudo. I am a baseball obsessive, and I drink too much coffee and not enough wine. I stand in the back yard with a wooden katana going through various combinations. The neighbors think I’m practicing elegant looking Kobudo forms. In reality, I am pretending to be slaying a dragon. But it’s our secret. The neighbors don’t have to know.

I currently have two novels for sale on Amazon for Kindle readers, and other devices with Kindle apps.One is a science fiction called GENESIX, and the other is a western, THE LONG TRAIL. I had a few chapters of the western posted here for preview earlier. Check it out. Let me know what you think. If you like it and could write a small review at the Amazon site, it would be greatly appreciated.

With this website, I am posting some novels in progress. I would love your feedback.  Please feel free to leave me comments here, or you can find me on Facebook. Or you can email me at pinebookshelf@gmail.com.



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